Holiday rental is the number one choice for vacationers

That's it, we have set the date of our vacation and we have chosen our next destination but when picking the accommodation a question comes to mind: hotel or apartment? To help you resolve this issue, today we compare the two options. Of course, the choice will depend essentially on your needs. But with this information in hand, your choice will become easier and you will know more quickly what type of accommodation you prefer for this holiday.

Benefits of the vacation rental

As if we were at home We want to go out but also feel like at home during the holidays and this we can only get in a vacation rental. Having our own kitchen, our own bathroom, having space for all our business ... You will not have this autonomy in another type of accommodation. Visit for more about holiday apartment rental. Saving money is easy You can choose an apartment based on the number of people. For example, if you are a couple, a studio will be enough but if, on the other hand, you are several, an apartment with several rooms will be ideal and the price will be divided between all. Saving in an apartment is very easy! Cooking We love to eat but ... did you sum up all the expenses of the holidays if you ate all the time at the restaurant? In your vacation rental, you will have a kitchen and you can save money. It will be more comfortable if you travel with children and you will have all the amenities, like at home. Visits are accepted You go 15 days on vacation and your friends will come in the villa next door ... With a vacation rental, you can organize a meal and eat all on the terrace without having to justify. Varied Options and choices The options of a hotel are quite limited (smoking or not, room with views, and not much more). In a holiday rental you will have several options: with barbecue, with pool, with terrace, with sea view, with parking place, pet-friendly

Why choosing a hotel is restraining?

Little privacy A hotel, these are mainly several rooms along a corridor, so the lack of privacy is a drawback. It is very easy to hear the noises of the guests in the next room or they bother you on their way back to their room.

Not suitable for groups

If you travel with family and you want to be all under the same roof, it will be complicated in a hotel since the rooms are usually individual, suitable for couples or for up to three people (by adding extra beds or cradles). Forget cooking: A hotel is not the most economical accommodation and you will have to add all the meals you have to take outside the room. You will not have a kitchen and sometimes you will not even have a fridge to keep a bottle of cold water if needed.
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