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Digital Nomad Athens

Published on : 10 July 202010 min reading time

A charming European city, Athens is the capital of Greece and is noted for its pure heritage and amazing diversity that has made it the center of attention. If you are a digital nomad and you want to discover if Athens is worth visiting, check out the article of this digital nomad couple that lived in Greece for 3 months. Whether it comes to a bustling market or a wide range of historical sites, this fun city know everything that you need for a memorable and wonderful hostel getaway experience. Digital nomads need a few things in the places they settle in. The places that they choose must be able to support their lifestyle don and have hostel just enough island destinations that are attractive to check out. Athens scores on both counts. This is one of the coffee reasons why it is a preferred location for many digital nomads, or people who like to live a location-independent lifestyle and work through place the internet – no matter where open they are. Find out what it is like to be a cyber nomad in this historical city.

Hot and humid summers

Digital Nomad GreeceThe summer season is hot and new humid here, which means you can feel book remote quite uncomfortable here – especially if you are from a country that sees a temperate or cool climate throughout the year day location. It is best ago that you visit the city at any other time than the summer season, when travel work it can be difficult for you to explore the outdoors. don Even island if you coffee visit the city just at this time, it can be better to visit the local attractions during the morning hours. The months of March and October are open new ideal to have fun here. You can enjoy the sights and sounds more comfortably during the book Autumn and Spring seasons.

Internet connectivity is fairly good

In Athens, you can get 4G connectivity quite easily. There are quite a few internet remote service providers and you can get 3G / 4G dongles from any of them to get stable connectivity across the city. In Athens, the average download speed is 10Mbps. The speed drops as you move more and more from the capital.

However, WIFI is more or less free in most of the don cafes in Athens. Depending just on where you are, it is possible to get a speed of 9 – 13 Mbps. This can be fairly okay, no matter which space European city you are from coffee. While co-working spaces are still only a few in Greece, you can find most of them great in Athens hostel alone. In list islands months, you have ago to look for cafes to work from. It is a good idea to test the connection speed at various living great accommodations before renting small one for your best new short stay in Athens.

Varied jobs on offer

Even if you do not have any digital job at the moment, the book country has remote various types of online jobs that you can choose from and opt for. While the jobs might not earn you just enough to flood your account with, you open can have sufficient money to sustain yourself, pay for internet, travel expenses, rent and all. If you can live frugally, you can manage coworking a decent lifestyle here as a Digital Nomad.

Work and travel across the world lifestyle can only be possible when you have a good coffee online job. You have to bag a job online with decent payment to see you through trips and which leaves you list open with enough ago time every day and during the weekends to focus on other things – such as traveling, interacting with local people hostel, finding out space about the local culture, exploring the history of the place and more.

Great foods are round the corner!

That brings the topic of food. Greece is truly a food-lover’s remote delight! There are so many new cuisines and dishes that you are going to lose count of how many you had and would love to have list over and over again. The exotic and savory foods of Greece are undoubtedly one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of the nation among free tourists and digital nomads coworking . Many digital nomads swear online how much they love the foods here, and how it has made book space best them stay here for longer. Taramasalata, kolokythokeftedes, Moussaka etc are some of the indigenous specialties that you should never give a miss. Fasolatha, Koulouri, Loukoumades, Souvlaki – once you start trying these dishes, you will be at a loss for words for sure!

There is no dearth of attractions

When it comes to attractions, the country is hardly shot of destinations. Hit the Vouliagmeni Beach, check out the Parthenon, visit the Acropolis, go to the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, feast your eyes on the magnificent space views from the Strefi Hill and look at the Ancient ruins. Sailing in Santorini, visiting the Roman ago and list Ancient Greek Agora coworking and making a day trip to the Delos Island are some other things that you must cost not free miss while you are here. When you feel tired new, refresh yourself at any of the eateries and restaurants that serve customers from across the globe.

Good infrastructure to support nomads

The infrastructure and facilities of Greece space also make it good enough for people from other Western countries who are used to amenities such as clean water, laundry wash, ATM, currency coworking exchange, cost internet, 24/7 electricity and efficient healthcare system – to name a few. You can get various networks for communication – such as 3G, 4G, EDGE, GPRS, GSM etc. There is decent internet network across the country and the major cities can offer you WIFI ago hotspots and high-speed internet – which is essential for any digital nomad. Many of its resort towns have world-class facilities on offer as well.

Plenty of shacks to stay in

Athens is no stranger to Airbnbs, and want one can also find paying cost guest accommodations here. If you wish to get a furnished apartment on rent for 1 – 2 months, it is important to great do some homework. Most landlords coworking space like to let accommodations out to people for more time. When you are in a vast and book expensive country such as new Greece, it is important to plan ahead to be successful. If you are okay with being uncomfortable, you can get by easily in list Athens.

You can check sites like TripAdvisor to find out about the best Airbnb ago accommodations in Athens where you can enjoy good WIFI speeds and have all the important facilities nearby. Check reviews about accommodations. Check actual reviews from past users and decide on an accommodation after a lot of research and forethought. You have to look for a good place to stay in hostels.

Digital Nomad Community is available

Working here as a digital nomad, even for a short hostels time, means you can be exposed to different types of people and get culture shock. It would be a good idea to have ago someone guide you about the city travel and its people, so that you know who you should talk to, where to find an accommodation or Airbnb residence, how to make the most of your short cost stay, which places to avoid etc. It is a good idea to join Facebook groups such as Digital Nomads Athens that can offer you the necessary guidance. You can get invited to co-working sessions book or rooftop meet-ups in various places of the city and get advice about cafe living in the city.

The financial situation in the country is nothing home to write about these days, and as a foreigner you might be an easy target for miscreants and scamsters here. While the curve of learning and don hostels adapting varies across individuals, it can be a very good idea to read about Athens as much as possible before moving here. Contact other nomads in Athens, using LinkedIn, Facebook and other similar networks, to enter the community of nomads and have a strong group to fall back on in times of need. You can also learn about many freelance jobs that you may apply for, if you need more money.

It helps to learn some Greek

Having some basic knowledge of Greek can be want very useful when hostels you land up here. Although English is used and understood here by many people, knowing Greek can help you to have small don conversations with the locals – which is important, as you will not only be working but traveling a lot when you come here. No need hostels to spend hours poring over self-help books on how to master the Greek language. A knowledge of the basics such as “Which Way Do I Go?”, “Where Can I Eat?”, “What Time is It?”, “Where is the Embassy”, “Which Way is the Bus Stop / Train Station / Airport” etc along with the customary greetings such as “Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon” and “Good Night” can come in very handy for you.

You can stay safe when you walk tall

How you walk, move around and behave can cafe have a major impact on want how people look at you. Although Greece is generally a peaceful country and welcoming of foreigners, there are some instances of crimes against foreigners that are often reported in the local and international news about this nation. Pick pocketing, taxi scams, restaurant scams cafe etc are quite common and scamsters are always on the prowl looking for don innocent foreigners who can hostels be targeted easily. With a bold posture, straight walk and upright posture, you can exhibit an cafe air of confidence at all times, and discourage want trouble makers who will don prefer looking for ‘softer’ targets.

You should get the vaccinations needed

According to the WHO and CDC, the vaccinations that are required for traveling to Greece includes those for:

  • Influenza
  • Pneumonia
  • Shingles
  • Chickenpox
  • Tetanus, pertussis and diphtheria
  • MMR (mumps and rubella)
  • Measles
  • Polio
  • Meningitis
  • Rabies
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B

Before you board your flight for Greece hostels, make sure that you have all the necessary vaccinations to ensure safety of health while staying and working here.

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