Sharing the purchase of a holiday home: is it a good idea ?

How to become owner of your second home without breaking the bank? The purchase with several people allows you to acquire a good at the best price, by sharing the expenses. How to do, possible legal formulas, precautions, fees to be expected ... You are told everything (or almost!) about buying a house with friends or family! The secondary house is also synonymous with independence when it comes to organizing vacations.

A much cheaper solution than renting

With three million second homes and 100,000 annual transactions, France holds the world record for this type of property. Yet, these cottages, country houses or small huts on the sea remain unoccupied 90% of the time, even as the repayments of credit and maintenance costs weigh, all year, on the budget of the owners. To lighten the prices, more and more people have opted to buy a holiday home with other contributors. It’s a good compromise that allows you to own a home without breaking the bank each year with a summer rental. To facilitate these collective purchases, some sites accompany the future owners: research of the residence, choice of the appropriate legal formula, establishment of rules of good management and sharing of the house. Finally at home!

Find your co-buyers

To be certain that you are compatible with other potential buyers, has created a simple questionnaire. Interested buyers must register and answer five questions by defining their profile. These simple filters let you know at a glance if people interested in the same house as you have the same philosophy of life. If so, the site offers a meeting between future co-buyers, which can be done during the visit of the property. Then everyone is free to push further or stop there.


Be careful! Before signing the final sale, it is still advisable to target your financial and legal arrangement and the contract of good governance by a notary or a lawyer. You should make sure you agree with your co-buyers on the clauses of your contract, because some can be very blocking, especially if you must one day resell your shares. It is indeed possible to insert a right of first refusal: in this case, your other buyers will have priority to buy your shares. But if they do not agree with the price offered, the sale can drag in length. Have his little piece of paradise available as soon as we feel like going there, it's priceless!
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