The best accommodation type to opt for during a winter stay ?

Ski holidays often rhyme with magic or enchantment: the atmosphere of the ski resorts is often at the party, between conviviality and modernity. Whether you go with family, friends or a couple for a ski holiday, one of the most important questions when making your reservation will be to choose your accommodation: find out here which one to choose according to your situation!

The atmosphere of a mountain chalet: an authentic holiday in perspective

The wooden chalet is for all types of groups, family or friends. Enjoy a wonderful view of the skiing area from the terrace of your mountain chalet: you will be delighted. In a family resort, you will be able to make a chalet rental adapted to your needs: small chalet, large chalet or luxury chalet. Everything depends on your budget: the luxury chalet often offers an additional service with a well-being area, which is ideal after a day of skiing. In any case, a mountain chalet is always a good option: between a warm atmosphere and the possibility of combining with all-inclusive stays, it is an opportunity to ski with family or friends without taking the head, in an exotic setting.

The ski apartment: a flexible option

To spend a complete holiday or a week skiing requires a large budget, between ski passes, ski equipment and accommodation. The advantage of the latter is that you can find good ski and accommodation plans. For example, during the holidays of February or the winter holidays, you can make a ski rental apartment, with under without full board, in the resort village of your choice. The ski apartment is a brilliant option to have relaxation, freedom and value for money. In fact, you usually have separate bedrooms and bathrooms, a large living room and even sometimes a car park. In a large area, it is sometimes even better to opt for a cheap apartment rental ski: you get better rates than a hotel or a residence for the season, while being able to park your car without supplement.

The no-fuss formula: ski hotel

To spend a week skiing, there is nothing better than to put your feet under the table and make the most of your stay. This is why the ski hotel or the ski club hotel is a great choice for skiers of comfort. A ski hotel can offer additional options, such as a wellness area with a spa and a swimming pool.
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