The importance of real-estate agencies for holiday rentals ?

Do you have a property for rent? Go for a real-estate agency management and make the most of professional suggestions and tips. You will certainly be well assisted with experts in most cases.

Getting help from professionals

Whatever the context of renting or selling a home, real estate professionals can assist homeowners, especially when placing their property on the market. Indeed, real estate agencies that offer a rental management service help owners to set the amount of their rents according to the benchmarks in force, but also to optimize the rental so that it is profitable. If an owner wishes to delegate the management of a set of housing, offices or businesses, he must contact a property manager. In this case, it is thanks to a commercial lease that the responsibility is transferred.

Expert advice

After visiting the property that will be rented, the agency offers its expertise. She advises on the amount of rent taking into account the local market, supply and demand. It is therefore important to focus on local real estate agencies. These can, if necessary, propose a new development or various works. If this is the case, the investment will be rewarded with a higher rent or selling price. The owners also benefit from tax advice. They learn about the tax benefits of renting a furnished or unfurnished unit. Questions around insurance or the calculation of charges can also be handled by the real estate agency.

Guarantees in case of unpaid bills

Owing to many devices, homeowners are covered in the event of disputes or unpaid bills. Once again, as part of a rental management, the real estate agency will inform them about the devices and their assets. The agencies can offer the guarantee of rental risks (GRL) which insures the owners against unpaid rents up to 70 000 €, finances the recovery of the debts of the tenant and covers the damages made to housing up to 7 700 €. The insurance can be contracted by the owners having one or more residences to rent Well-maintained home To leave a house to rent management, it is to delegate its management. Housing is regularly maintained and, more and more frequently, support in renovations or ecological solutions is proposed. Simple arrangements are then made in the dwelling to reduce heat loss and wasted energy. In the event of an incident, the tenant can contact the agency in order to benefit from a fast handling and to preserve the quality of the accommodation as well as possible.
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