Winter sun destinations : the top five !

Far from the cold, the snow, the big coats, the scarves and the day that shortens, take advantage of the sun which in some parts of the world always shines. Here are some of the most visited winter destinations...and the most irresistible ones, especially for Europeans!

The sweetness of the Algarve

In the south of Portugal, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Algarve owes its reputation to its beaches and its historical heritage. A sunny region all year round, the Algarve winds its way through winter and summer, along the 200 km of coastline that separates the Fortress of Sagres from Faro and its old town.

Havana, Cuba

From November begins the cool season during which the humidity rate drops and the atmosphere becomes less stifling. It's the perfect time to visit Havana and Cuba.

Under the sun of Seychelles

You will visit these paradise islands preferably in November, the water and air temperatures are guaranteed, such as rest. Beginning of the dry season in Cambodia In winter, it is over 30 ° C in the capital of Cambodia. It's time to go! Sri Lanka, the small island that goes up Beaches of dreams, beautiful promenade, a rich cultural heritage and ... elephants! Sri Lanka is becoming an increasingly popular destination. Note: the possibility of extending your stay ... in the Maldives nearby. The white sand of the Maldives In the southwestern Maldives, the monsoon ends with the month of November. The top-start is then given to enjoy its delicious white sand beaches, but also coral atolls. The eternal Rome Less far, more affordable and relatively mild temperatures, why not try to discover Rome and its surroundings? With a trip by train from most European cities, why not opt for a cultural escapade full of charm! Indonesia and its volcanoes For a sunny, exotic and relatively affordable (for an Asian destination ...), Indonesia is ideal. Still wild and unspoilt, you can walk the slopes of its active volcanoes and you swim on beautiful white sand beaches. Don’t forget the Kelimutu crater, on Flores Island! An air of Tango in Buenos Aires If the climate is mild throughout the year in Buenos Aires, it is from November to March that the most European city in South America enjoys the sun. From its rich past, Buenos Aires displays a surprising mix of colonial, belle époque or modernist architecture. Throughout its many neighborhoods, from Monserrat to San Telmo via the famous boca with colorful houses, we let ourselves be seduced by the Argentinean art of living on the terrace of a café or the sound of tango.
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