Investing in a seasonal rental home ?

Published on : 15 February 20193 min reading time

Before you start a seasonal rental investment, you must take into account a number of criteria: the type of property and its location, the status of the property and the type of rental (short or long term) that you want to prioritize. These criteria will depend on the valuation of your property, so its profitability.

In what type of property should you invest ?

The quality of a seasonal rental investment depends primarily on the type of property in which you choose to invest. This criterion, which works in pairs with the location, can also have a significant impact on the amount of rent that you can charge your tenants: a beautiful town house in the heart of Paris will obviously rent more than a studio of 15 m² in the same place. Should we rather invest in an apartment or a house? Both types of assets have their advantages depending on their geographical location.

Renting an apartment means :

Better housing than a house, downtown or near.

Rentals for short periods, from a few days to a few weeks

A less expensive rent for tenants, so the promise of faster and more regular rentals.

Achieve a very attractive profitability if it is well located in the heart of the big cities.

Renting a house means :

A location rather outside city centers: suburbs.

An ideal seasonal rental investment if you want to buy by the sea, in the mountains, in the countryside.

Rent more expensive to rent, which will rather attract families.

The promise to rent for longer periods (from one week to several months)

Possess eventually your second home holiday.

Which location (s) to prioritize ?

When investing in seasonal rentals, the location takes on an essential dimension. Unlike a property that you would rent in a classic, year-round, seasonal housing takes its value from its proximity to points of interest and amenities. If you have already had the opportunity to rent your apartment or house on a site like Airbnb, or rent yourself for your holidays, you know that the distance to the city center, with the shops and with the public transport is in the top 3 of the rental criteria.

Status and duration of rental

All seasonal rentals have the status of “furnished tourism”, whether it’s a small studio in the city center or a large villa by the sea. It is a name that applies to all rental periods: to the day, the week or for several months, since it is still a vacation rental and tenants do not elect domicile. This status relates to furnished accommodations, which provide the tenant with a minimum of equipment (bed, refrigerator, hotplates, basic furniture, etc.).

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