Top five summer holiday accommodations

Published on : 15 February 20193 min reading time

Hotel, guest house, rental, camping … the possibilities of accommodation for holidays are so numerous that it is sometimes difficult to make a choice! However, each option has its advantages, and the best formula depends on the travel mode and desires of the moment. Here are some ways to choose better…

The hotel

Subject to strict conditions, the hotels are classified by the Ministry of Tourism in various categories, according to the comfort and the holding of the establishment.

The quality of the hotels is different depending on their ranking. Prior to choosing your hotel, it is recommended that you reflect on your preferences when it comes to comfort, equipment or rates. If you are thinking of leaving late and returning early, it is better to go for a nice room, big enough and with a nice view. If you can book your hotel room directly on the official website, it is also possible to go through central booking. These can sometimes offer more interesting promotions, so do not hesitate to compare. Take care, however, to look closely at the conditions in detail, what is included or not, and the possibilities of cancellation.

Holiday rental

House or apartment furnished vacation rentals or cottages are an opportunity to go in any region, while enjoying some privacy. Vacation rentals are generally reserved for the week. Although, there is currently less inflexibility on some homes, which can accept rentals on weekends, by the week, or even by the day. It is necessary to inquire on a case by case basis on the rental conditions with the owners.

The guest room

One of the appreciated benefits of the enthusiasts of the guest rooms is the welcome, because it is a real home-stay. It is easy and fairly common to rent for short stays, but long stays are likely as well. The rooms are usually located in the main residence of the owners or in an adjoining building. Private bathrooms are not mandatory for guest rooms, and you may sometimes have to share these amenities with other tenants in the house. Most of the time, the price includes breakfasts. If it doesn’t, then it is offered as an option for those who want it. It’s also taken in a shared room, with the other tenants, if any, of the house. Sometimes the owners of the place join the hosts to advise them and share with them the tourist treasures of the territory.

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