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Published on : 03 July 20203 min reading time

France is a country of food with rich and diverse gastronomy. As a traveller, you can access one of the best cooking classes in Paris, and due to the impressive diversity, you will learn how to prepare a dish that you enjoy. You will also learn how to put together traditional French recipes to give you a lot more new ideas. You can choose to spend a season around to help polish up your chopping, boiling, mixing, or baking skill in a cooking class in Paris. However, if you don’t have a season, you can opt for a one-off cookery session. Here are a few lessons that you can try out.

Crafting Croissants

In just three hours in a French cooking class in Paris, you will master the necessary techniques to work the dough out into the region’s trademark pastry. Your baking expert will take you through a step-by-step process so that you can learn how to make croissants from scratch. First, you will handle the unique mix of raised dough and puff pastry, let it rest, then bake.

You will learn about the basic croissants and other famous options like the pain au chocolat among many. After the class, you will learn how to serve them best before leaving with a box of your croissant creation. Please check out other courses available to learn varying croissant making techniques from

Master the art of Macaron

You can also choose to learn how to make macarons in just two hours. The class will get you into two sides of Paris. First, you will learn how to make the colorful ganache –filled treats using a recipe from one of the most famous Parisian pastry chefs. Secondly, you can enroll in a private apartment class to experience how Parisian live and cook.

Most excitingly, you will have a chance to bake Italian meringues, and then create your filling and pipe it. Later, you will have a goodies box to take home.

Market tour and a French Classic Cooking Course

By enrolling in a French cooking class in Paris, you will get a chance to visit an open-air market. Your supervising chef will guide you through to learn more about a variety of iconic fruits and vegetables available.

With the full baskets and bags, you will proceed to a cooking studio, and the chef will help you prepare a three-course meal using your purchases. After the class, you can sit and enjoy the meal with your colleagues.

Classic French Sauces

You can also choose to join the class to learn how to make different French Sauces. Led by a pro chef, your three-hour class will involve tackling emulsions, roux, and reductions or the cold hot and dessert sauces. Expect to learn how to prepare mayonnaise, French vinaigrette, shallot sauce, caramel, and classic chocolate sauce.

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