Vacation rental: the rights and obligations of the owner

Published on : 24 July 20193 min reading time

You own a home and rent it. The law imposes obligations on you, including renting a decent home, but it also protects your rights in the event that your tenant does not meet his own duties. Visit if you are interested in learning more about home rental.

What are the homeowner’s duties towards the tenant?

A mandatory written lease

Whether your home is empty or furnished, whether it is a seasonal rental or not, you must establish a written lease with your tenants. This document will formalize your agreements between them and you, and will protect you from possible misunderstandings.


Your tenant may feel that your home does not meet the decency requirements of the law. He is entitled to ask you at any time to bring the rented premises into conformity. Be aware that this does not affect the validity of the current lease. In the absence of an amicable settlement, it is the judge of the district court who will decide the case.

The big works

From the repair of a roof to the standardization of an electrical or sanitary installation, the repairs that you incumbent are all those that do not rest with your tenants. It’s up to them to take care of the routine maintenance of the house and the minor repairs. Such as the replacement of switches, float flush, faucet joints, siphon, unblocking of pipes, repair of stained paints and floor coverings, and generally all equipment put in place at their disposal (and mentioned in the lease) whether it is the garden barbecue, the skirting board in the living room or the dryer…

What are the rights of the landlord to the tenant?

The duration of the lease

It is at least 3 years old if you are an individual, but you have the right to make appear on the lease a clause determining a greater or lesser duration. In the latter case, it cannot be less than one year and justified by a specific event (resumption of housing for professional or family reasons) mentioned in the lease. This can be a retirement or the allocation of your home to one of your children.

The deposit

You can perfectly demand that a third party (family member, employer …) stands surety to guarantee the payment of rents and charges. In this case, you must include this bond and its duration in the lease with handwritten mention of the person who stands surety, indicating that it knows the extent of its obligation.

The works

If major work needs to be done during the lease, you can require your tenant to leave his/her dwelling free of access every day except Saturdays, Sundays and during holidays. The inconvenience caused is not entitled to compensation, unless the work lasts more than 21 days.

Know your tenants better to better manage your rental

Without pushing your curiosity to indiscretion, knowing a little about your tenants, including their matrimonial regime, you will better manage events that may arise during rental.

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