Going into seasonal rentals: advantages and drawbacks

Published on : 15 February 20193 min reading time

You have invested in real estate, bought a country house, a chalet in the mountains, a studio in a big city or an apartment by the sea and want to put your well in seasonal hiring? Going into the seasonal rental requires to take into account a number of elements and to know the advantages as well as the disadvantages.

Why go for seasonal rentals?

The advantages are numerous but we will retain three main ones:

– The complementary source of income and / or the profitability of your real estate purchase: the financial aspect.

– Make “live” your home, do not leave it empty: regular maintenance of your home and its development.

– To exchange, to share, to make discover your region: the human aspect.

The scenario is this: you bought a property that became your second home for several years and after a while decided to make a seasonal rental to supplement your income, make your acquisition profitable or increase your own holiday budget. Either your real estate purchase was from the start a real estate investment for rental purposes, or over time you have seen spend less and less time and noticed that a dwelling empty and lifeless easily decay over the years.

This last point made you realize that offering your house or apartment to holidaymakers, also had the advantage of not leaving it abandoned. Finally, you like your small bungalow or find that your mountain cottage does not lack charm, that there are many things to see and do in the region and that it would be interesting to share it with tourists. Discover your village, talk about your region and participate in the tourism development of your town are additional motivations: you will appreciate the human aspect of the seasonal rental.

What are the disadvantages of seasonal rentals?

The main element that could prove to be a disadvantage for some homeowners is the weather. Managing a seasonal rental requires much more availability than conventional rental. Before embarking on seasonal rental, ask yourself if you will have time to:

Manage your ad on the platform: respond to requests from users and future tenants.

Take care of the vacation rental: maintain it to welcome newcomers.

Going back and forth: if your main residence is far from your future seasonal rental, you will need to plan trips to get you there, especially to give the keys, welcome holidaymakers etc …

Answer the phone: If your seasonal home attracts a lot of potential customers, be prepared to answer (many) calls.

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