The Canary Islands : a holiday with something for everyone !

Published on : 15 February 20193 min reading time

Abundant vegetation combined with crystal-clear waters lined with white sand beaches, mountains, dunes and cliffs, as well as picturesque towns make the Canaries one of the most popular destinations in the world. This archipelago is located off the west coast of Morocco, in the Atlantic.

The landscapes of the archipelago

The archipelago of the Canary Islands is composed of a myriad of paradise islands each with its own tourist attractions. Photography lovers will be happy to learn that watchtowers have been set up in several strategic points of the archipelago to obtain exceptional shots.

Beaches and cultural sites

Tourists on holiday in the Canary Islands will be spoiled for choice, among the beaches with varied atmospheres. If the resorts of the south of the archipelago are invaded by tourists, those of Fuerteventura offer a more intimate setting. The beaches of Lanzarote, La Gomera and La Palma are characterized by their fine black sand, while that of Tenerife is distinguished by its golden sand. The landscape is equally attractive in Maspalomas and on the beach of Canteras, characterized by blond dunes.

The main islands

No island is like the other in the Canaries, so our advice for those seeking adventure is to travel from island to island.


Powerful, wild and authentic, is the queen of the elements: the water on the coast, the fire and the land in the hinterland and finally the wind, omnipresent. Discover the bizarre landscapes between lava caves and golden beaches, which are very popular with surfers.


The island fascinates as for it by its long beaches of fine sand still little frequented by the tourists and inviting to the walk. The quieter Canary Islands surprise you with vast landscapes in the hinterland and white beaches.

Gran Canaria

One of the most famous islands of the Canary Islands relaxes large tourist centers and at the same time it is the most varied island. From cities with sandy beaches to lonely valleys you will find everything.


On Tenerife tourists miss nothing, because the island is prepared for travelers. Even though there are some quiet places the island is a paradise for active travelers: water sports, hikes in the hinterland or the ascent of the famous volcano, the Teide.

La Gomera, La Palma, El Hierro

The small Canary Islands enchant with their natural beauty and present a refuge for all those who want to escape the tumult of the big islands or only want to immerse themselves in the authentic culture of the Canary Islands.

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